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Motorcycle tires and information

Motorcycle Maniac's... you have found the right store for motorcycle tires! If you're like most people, you look at what's currently on your bike, and conduct an internet search for that exact tire. Within seconds, you realize that there are more tire options available than burnouts at Sturgis! Our employees are enthusiasts themselves, so they can help you select the right bike tires.

Things to Know

While there are numerous brands to choose from, you should know a few basics before making a selection. First, never mix radial and bias tires on the same bike unless authorized by the motorcycle manufacturer. If you are considering a different size tire either in width or height, make sure that your bike has the clearance necessary for this change before mounting. Correct motorcycle tire width is necessary for proper handling and stability.

What about mixing different brands on the front and rear? As long as the tires are the proper size and construction, mixing brands is usually fine. The main thing is to not mix new and worn tires, because this will again cause instability. I know this may sound like we're attempting to sell two tires rather than the one worn tire, but think about taking a corner and the front sticking while the worn rear doesn't. Doesn't make much sense to us, even though we're MANIAC'S!!


What about tire tubes? If you need to repair or replace worn motorcycle tires, make sure that you replace the motorcycle tube. Tubes are cheap and we too many times hear customers say they are going to replace the tire but not the tube. Again, this is for your safety... you're riding on two tires... old tubes are stretched and are unsafe in new tires!!

Air Pressure

What about proper air pressure? This is the most important tire maintenance element! Check the air pressure in your motorcycle tires before a long ride. Under-inflated tires can cause unstable cornering, tire overheating, irregular tire wear, and eventual tire failure. Always check the air pressure while the tires are cool... before you ride!

Tire Balance

Finally, what about balancing your new motorcycle tires? We suggest that you have your tires balanced to prevent vibrations and accelerated tire wear. We do not recommend liquid balancers. Only use external weights or non liquid internal balancing materials such as Dynabeads. Also remember that improper tire mounting can cause tire explosion and serious injury or death. Make sure your new motorcycle tires are mounted by a professional!