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Motorcycle Luggage Information

Hey Motorcycle Maniac’s…..ever feel like you can never take along the essentials when riding your bike? Perhaps you need to investigate our selection of motorcycle luggage? What type of luggage is best? That really depends upon what you use your bike for. If simply are looking for motorcycle luggage for that long day ride, then perhaps a tankbag or backpack would be sufficient. If an overnight plan is in the works, you should consider a pair of motorcycle saddlebags or a tailbag, enabling you to hold more stuff.

Tank Bags

Motorcycle tank bags rest on top of the fuel tank. This type of motorcycle luggage is not very big, but it will allow you to carry the essentials to get you through a day trip! Most tank bags also have a transparent insert for a map, allowing you visibility without taking it out.

Back Packs

If you went to school, you obviously know what a backpack is. No extra hardware our mounting brackets are needed for these storage devices, which make them an extremely attractive motorcycle luggage option for that day trip again.

Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Saddlebags are available in both hard and soft versions and are made to hang over a motorcycle’s tail section. Soft motorcycle saddlebags are made from leather for cruiser bikes, or textile material for sport bikes. Make sure that the saddlebag is kept far enough from your bike’s exhaust, or you may actually burn the bag. Hard saddlebags are more for touring bikes. These motorcycle saddlebags require a lot more installation since they have specific mounting brackets. The great thing about most hard saddlebags is that they are lockable, allowing you the same flexibility as the trunk of your car.

As you can tell, there are a multitude of options for your bike whether you have a Touring Bike, Cruiser, or Sport bike. Serious Motorcycle Maniac’s equip their bikes for a long ride! If you have any motorcycle luggage questions, feel free to call our office at 1-877-250-8838.