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Motorcycle Apparel Information

Ok Maniac's... it's time to look good! You can no longer ride the Harley with your shorts and red t-shirt. If you're really a Motorcycle Manaic, you recognize the need for the proper motorcycle apparel. For example, check out our River Road leather motorcycle jackets, or leather motorcycle chaps.

Buying motorcycle apparel on-line can sometimes be tricky, so make sure you purchase from a reputable company. Here at Motorcycle Maniac Store, we allow you to return your motorcycle jackets, motorcycle chaps, or any other apparel, with no re-stocking fee or any other hassle! With that said, it is still important to understand a bit about proper fit and what to look for to minimize the time it takes you to find the right apparel!

Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Jackets are not going to be worn standing up, but rather when you're on your bike. You should ensure that your motorcycle jacket run a little long in the sleeves, extra room in the shoulders, and should run a little long so there isn't a gap between the bottom of your jacket and the top of your pants. Also make sure that your jacket has closures around the neck, wrist and waist... this will help keep you Maniacs warm!

What about pockets? We've never heard anyone complain about too many! Make sure that your motorcycle jacket has inner pockets to put your important items such as your wallet, cash, etc. If the jacket has outer pockets, make sure that they have some type of closure system, either zipper or good snaps. Outer pockets are of no use on your bike if they don't close!


Ok Harley Maniacs, I didn't forget you! Bring out the leather! Motorcycle Jackets come in a variety of materials, with the most popular being leather. There are several types of leather that you should be aware of when making your motorcycle jacket purchase. Split leather is made from the layers of hide that have been split away from the grain layers. This type of leather doesn't provide as much protection as full grain leather. Suede is split leather that has been buffed to create a fuzzy, soft surface and appearance. Top Grain leather has been sanded to remove imperfections and then sprayed for a very uniform look. This is a step up from split and suede but still not as good as full grain leather. Full grain leather is the best you can get. It is made from the finest hides. This type will wear better than other leathers, which is ultimately why it is the most expensive.

Motocross Jackets

Off-roader's there are also motorcycle jackets for you! Motocross jackets are worn to protect against inclement weather more than for safety. For this reason, you need to make sure that the motocross jacket you choose is waterproof. Most off-road jackets today also offer reinforced contact areas such as elbows and shoulders to add to the protective element of the jacket. You may also want to ensure that your new motocross jacket contains a venting mechanism to aid in letting moisture out as well!