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Dunlop Motorcycle Tires
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Dunlop Motorcycle Tires

So Maniacs, why am I devoting an entire page to Dunlop motorcycle tires? Not because we believe they are the best, but because they are certainly one of the most popular. Harley Davidson® motorcycles have chosen Dunlop for many years and as a result, many of you want the same replacements. Our goal with this page is to highlight some of the new items Dunlop offers, while also describing the most popular items.

Dunlop D407

The new D407 tires are made specifically for the 2009 FL touring models. This tire, incorporates Dunlop's MT (multi-tread) technology. This tread compound allows the center of the tire to run cooler which provides stability, while also providing better traction under braking. Each side of these, are a section of lateral grip compound that enhances traction at higher lean angles for awesome grip while cornering. The D407 were once again jointly tested by Dunlop and Harley Davidson engineers. These are available to OEM dealers only, which is why you won't find them currently on our site.

Dunlop D402

D402 tires are an approved Harley Davidson touring tire. Because these tires have a 3 ply polyester casing and two fiberglass belts, they offer greater load carrying capacity and stability. The D402 is available in front and rear black, slim white wall, and wide white wall (WWW), all of which are H speed rated.

Dunlop D401

D401 tires are an approved Harley Davidson cruiser tire. The D401 tires use bias construction and a computer optimized tread profile to reduce cupping, which provides for more even wear. These tires are available in 90/90-19 and 100/90-19 front sizes and 130/90B16 and 150-80B16 rear sizes.

Dunlop K591

K591 tires are an approved Harley Davidson sport tire. The K591 was originally designed for racing, but now incorporates refinements to meet the demands of sport and sport-touring riders. These tires carry a V speed rating.

Dunlop D404

Other high demand Dunlop tires include the D404. D404 tires are an all-around good performing tire available in numerous sizes to fit a wide assortment of standard, cruiser, and older bikes. Both the front and rear D404 feature tread patterns that have outstanding water evacuation and wet grip. This tire's bias-ply construction is designed to deliver a smooth ride for maximum comfort!

So whether you MANIAC's own a Harley or another bike, Dunlop may be just what you need. If you need help figuring out which tire is right for you, call us toll-free at 1-877-250-8838.