You will gain access to bungalows, houses, Grants Pass Hotel on Deviant Art or even self-catering accommodation that is in place for all to enjoy and experience memorable moments either on a weekend away or a more extended stay.

Did you know that Oregon itself offer up to 57-holiday homes?

What Makes Oregon So Unique?

For one, think about the splendor of the riverfront. Many savor the exciting wineries, rafting activities, and local tours. Opting for a holiday rental or stay over at a popular hotel in Grants Pass like the Redwood Hyperion Suites will certainly not disappoint anyone.

What Are Some of the Attractions and Activities Around?

Maybe you are hoping to come across attractions you’ve never seen before. Even though it may be tempting to stay put in the hotel of your choice, the management at renowned inns such as the Redwood Motel encourage their guests to venture out and experience everything that makes it such as fun place.

Following are some of the key attractions that you should put on your list of excursions:

  • Serra Vineyards
  • Golf Club
  • Schmidt Family Vineyards
  • Rosella’s Vineyard
  • Troon Vineyard
  • Valley of Rogue State Park

If you are someone who favors exploring natural features, whether you happen to be a person who loves taking in the scenery or you are more of an active traveler, then it is the place to be.

There are some areas worthy of visiting that are within a 30-mile radius of the city center:

  • Rogue River
  • Palmerton Park
  • Riverside Park
  • Schroeder Park
  • Valley of the Rogue State Park
  • Reinhart Volunteer Park

What would be sweeter than to book your stay at a friendly inns in the Oregon region?

The number one reason why you should be game to do so is the fact that motels like the Redwood Motel are very close to the fun activities we just mentioned.

Another perfect reason is that most of the places of accommodation over here are pet-friendly.

Do not forget that most folks find it pure bliss once they set foot near the natural surroundings offered by popular motels. Many of them do not see the need to visit other attractions nearby as a result.

However, it would be a shame if you do not discover caves, great river rafting outings, nature reserves, theatres, and more.

If you are lucky enough to travel by car, then you are in for a treat. You get to take in lots of clean air, lovely sightings, wowing food and discovering various secret spots. What a fantastic trip it is. You will soon find out.

One thing that you are sure to remember when traveling around the Grants Pass area is the Oregon Coast connection.

It is vast as well as all-encompassing concerning its coverage of the upper area of the coast. Some folks would just goof around and make use of virtual tours as there might not be enough time to see Oregon and surround in all its glory.

After all, the area on average sports up to 60 different stops around the coastal section. You will come across captivating beaches such as Cannon Beach, that is situated in Newport.

Something else you should not overlook is the gobbling insanely good seafood that you will discover at Pacific Oyster. Make sure you ask for the cioppino dish. Not only is it hearty and thick, but also stocked with a huge variety of fish. Then again, the oysters are juicy and tender like no other despite their minuscule size. You just have to try the smoked salmon burger and spoil yourself with a view of the bay while you’re busy licking your lips.

Once you get to visit the Redwood Hyperion Suite, you will find that you cannot but help yourself to go back next year for more of the same.