Your lifestyle can severely impact your dental health. One such patient had a dental check-up about 18 months ago. The visit resulted in him getting a filling due to a cavity that got worse and required refilling. He also needed a scale and polish as his teeth were brown, thanks to the copious amount of coffee and nicotine. The latter resulted in a tartar collection around all his teeth for which the Grants Pass Dentist on About Me specialist had to consider capping another tooth. It sure as heck does not appear right, does it?

There is just no way you can hide your lifestyle, about your health and dental habits, from your dentist in Grants Pass Oregon. They will know that you are smoking or consume more alcohol than you should. Then, there is the coffee habit and sugar addiction. Doubtless, they are shocked by what they find.

The patient we referred to earlier on did his best to kick some nasty habits and even investigated the toothpaste he was using. It was the same toothpaste that is widely available in numerous supermarkets.

Soon after the visit to the dentist, our patient decided to visit his physician as well who told him that he was heading for a heart attack unless he made a 360 concerning his lifestyle. During this stage of his life, the decision was made to investigate an organic way of life.

How Changing Your Lifestyle Can Mean a Huge Difference to Your Quality of Life

The first change was to quit smoking. Something that is by no means an easy accomplishment. Our patient managed to do so successfully. Incidentally, his wife’s mother tried doing the same at the age of 40, resulting in her teeth crumbling.

Secondly, our guy stopped drinking coffee and tea, substituting it for hot water, infused with ginger and lemon. It’s been said that lemon assists with the neutralization of naturally occurring acids in our mouths, causing tooth decay. Healthy teeth need a neutral pH level of between 6.5 and 7.5. One should regularly monitor your mouth’s pH level as it serves as a good indicator of the condition of your oral health.

Another significant adjustment was to ditch eating sweets, processed food and junk food where refined sugars are being used. These are some of the leading causes of tooth decay.

Making it a point of consuming natural, fresh, organic, whole foods 90% of the time where sugar gets processed naturally by your body will not rot your teeth. Eating raw fruit and vegetables work toward neutralizing plaque acid and cleanses the surface of one’s teeth.

The most significant change our hero made was to make his own toothpaste in a similar way the Aztecs and Egyptians of old did years ago. Funnily enough, some indigenous tribes still do so. They made use of four magic ingredients that consist of sodium bicarbonate, mineral water, salt and a bit of peppermint essential oil. The salt and bicarb serve to neutralize acid in your mouth.

Then, just a month before the guy in our story had to return for his dental checkup; he made it a habit of drinking a couple of mugs of honey and cinnamon in hot water every day. On doing some research, he discovered that for thousands of years, indigenous people used these ingredients to freshen their breath and maintain dental health care.

Needless to say, his dentist was gobsmacked when she realized there was absolutely no need for any cosmetic dentistry, having to worry about filling cavities or even reprimanding our hero for not changing his lifestyle. She was pleasantly surprised and asked him what got him to break all his old habits.

Our friend was particularly impressed that there was even an opportunity for him to share what he knew with others who are looking to make changes to the way they are currently doing things.

Maybe, you would like the same for yourself. If so, feel free to follow reputed dental specialists in Grants Pass and pay attention to the tips and hints on how to do take good care of your oral hygiene.